Celeseah & El’An’Dro Twinflames in Divine Union

” We Simply Offer to Hold Space through the Power of Love and Compassion to allow Clarity, Love, Harmony and Joy to Awaken, Unfold and Embody in Your Life” 

Celeseah Djhulia Kumara

Visionary & Founder of The Mission of Love Project & Northern Tantra Celebration

Celeseah is a Holistic Psychosexual Therapist, Intimacy and Relationship Specialist, Holistic Health Practitioner & Educator.  Coming from a Corporate Finance Career over 25 years, I left this behind to further follow my Passion of a Holistic & Conscious Lifestyle. 

Born a Natural Psychic Empath, I have developed innate gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience and claircognitive skills over 35 years. As an Intuitive Channel for Healing I use a variety of vibrational modalities, being certified in a diverse number of Holistic and Esoteric Therapies, including Tantra and Shamanism, being the first Ipsalu Tantric Kriya Yoga Teacher trained by Bodhi Avinasha in the UK since 2006. I teach from the embodied experience of my own personal journey and Twinflame Tantra was created and born from this.

I offer guidance in all areas of life and specialise in Love and Conscious Relationship for the family dynamic, As a Tantra and Sacred Sexuality Educator and Mentor, I particularly focus on bringing into balance the masculine and feminine energies within as a physical experience and the Embodiment of the Love That We Are and Divine Union. I am Passionate about the Empowerment of Women, Men and Children.

El’An’Dro She-Ana Melchizedek

Elandro is Co-Founder of Mission of Love & Northern Tantra Celebration

El’An’Dro is a Master Energist & A Master Builder, in both the physical & spiritual sense. His Background as a Electrical Engineer & Multi- skilled Builder and interest in conscious high vibrational living has led him to explore a range of spiritual disciplines; Tantra & Sacred Sexuality,