Celeseah & El’An’Dro Twinflames in Divine Union

” We Simply Offer to Hold Space through the Power of Love and Compassion to allow Clarity, Love, Harmony and Joy to Awaken, Unfold and Embody in Your Life ” Celeseah Djhulia Kumara

Visionary & Founder of The Mission of Love Project & Northern Tantra Celebration

Celeseah is a Holistic Psychosexual therapist, Intimacy and Relationship Expert, Holistic Health Practitioner & Educator.  Coming from a Corporate Finance Career over 25 years, I left this behind to further follow my Passion of a Holistic & Conscious Lifestyle. 

Born a Natural Psychic Empath, I have developed innate gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience and claircognitive skills over 30 years. As an Intuitive Channel for Healing I use a variety of vibrational modalities, being certified in a diverse number of Holistic and Esoteric Therapies, including Shamanism and Tantra, being the first Ipsalu Tantric Kriya Yoga Teacher trained by Bodhi Avinasha in the UK since 2006. I teach from the embodied experience of my own personal journey and Twinflame Tantra was created and born from this.

I offer guidance in all areas of life and specialise in Love and Conscious Relationship for the family dynamic, As a Tantra and Sacred Sexuality Educator and Mentor, I particularly focus on bringing into balance the masculine and feminine energies within as a physical experience and the Embodiment of the Love That We Are and Divine Union. I am Passionate about the Empowerment of Women, Men and Children.

El’An’Dro She-Ana Melchizedek

Elandro is Co-Founder of Mission of Love & Northern Tantra Celebration

El’An’Dro is a