What Others Say About Us:

“For the very first organised Northern Tantra Festival it contained an variety of spiritual practises which gave me as newcomer to Tantra an insight to the differences within the Tantra world. I came away with a better understanding of the True Meaning of Tantra as A Path for Spiritual Growth as an individual” Sue, UK (Mission of Love 2014)

” A Fantastic Experience, with a warm, welcoming group who created a safe and respectful enviroment for practise and exploration. Highly Recommended ” Chris D, UK (Mission of Love 2014)

“Just wanted to say how good the weekend was, I took a lot away from it and would specifically like to mention the Buddhist monk who was wonderful and tremendously inspirational and helpful. I had a great light shone on my path by this presentation and for me he made more infinitely more sense than anyone ever has on where I am at and what I am doing. Brilliant. Utterly. The Tai Chi was beautiful and I really must take this up at some point. Totally connected. Finally the session on Our Sacred Earth was just awesome. How I love this earth. Loved the venue and in many ways wished that I had camped as I loved being in nature” Martin, UK (Mission of Love 2014)

” We highly recommend going to the Mission of Love. It brought us together and took us on a journey of divine union. Now co-creating in projects together in unity. Going to Mission of love is Key to Heaven on Earth and will take You on A Path of Divine Union whether as an Individual or as a Twinflame in Union. You may even find one’s beloved like we did.
💞💜💞 Thank You Celeseah & Elandro for holding this space and for the amazing opportunity to be a part of the team and most importantly for our mission of love  “ Shakti & Shiva Shergold (2016)

“Loved it. You could feel the welcome before you even met the other people there. Very able teachers” E. Bentley  (Mission of Love 2016)

” I have now experienced the mission of love event at minsteracres and I had a lovely time and experience the facilitators are very knowledgable and experienced in what they do. The event was very well put together and very well organized. My journey into Tantra has now begun ” Paul Tallentire (Mission of Love 2016)

“I have been feeling into my values and would like to share them here with you since all that I offer is also based on them: Integrity, Valiance, Compassion, Love, Grace. These are what I would also bring to the Festival, and it is my pleasure to know that I will be in the company there of people who share similar values” (Kalyani)