Terms & Conditions

Booking Terms & Conditions

IMPORTANT: please read below our cancellation and booking policy in full. All event/retreat registration and payment of a non-refundable deposit is taken as full agreement to this policy.

Unfortunately, refunds outside of the below stated policy cannot be given for arriving late, leaving early, travel delays, illness or unforeseen circumstances that requires your withdrawal from events/retreats.

General Cancellation Policy for Day and Weekend Events:

Cancellation of your event place up to 1 week prior to event start date: non-refundable deposit applies only

Cancellation of your event place 1 week prior to start: 100% fee is still applicable

Residential Retreats Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation of your retreat place up to 8 weeks prior to start: non-refundable deposit applies only

Cancellation of your retreat place 8 weeks prior to start: 50% fee is still applicable

Cancellation of your retreat place 6 weeks prior to start: 75% fee is still applicable

Cancellation of your retreat place 3 weeks prior to start: 100% fee is still applicable 

 We reserve the creative right to change or adjust any of the components or content of an event/retreat according to what is envisioned as being most accurate.

At Mission of Love, we recognise that there are circumstances outside of our  control, therefore should you need to withdraw your attendance due to an extenuating circumstance, we will review requests for refund by individual discretion.

All Cancellations Can Be Transferred to an Appointed person of choice for an administration fee up to 72 hours prior to an event:

*For events with a full price of less than £100, the admin fee is £11.

*For events with a full price of more than £100, the admin fee is £22.

Events Cancelled By Us:

If for any reason an event/session is cancelled by us, a full refund will be given or a Credit Option to use at a future event/session.

Full refunds are offered only if:

– the event/session is cancelled
– the event/session is rescheduled

NB: Non-Refundable Deposits cover our expenses for our comittment to any venue hire and other associated costs inherent with running the events.

Credits given will be valid to use for any future events occurring within 6 months.

A Credit Option for a cancellation by you will incur an admin fee*

Liability and Terms:

Mission of Love, Celeseah, El’An’Dro and any participating assistants and all venue staff do not accept liability for events/retreats beyond our control; loss of, or damage to any of your personal property; personal injury including the development of any medical or psychiatric conditions during or after your retreat/workshop; and your general experience.

This work is powerful, transformative self-enquiry that may activate physical, emotional, and/or psychological reaction and you will be required to take full responsibility for your participation and self-assessment/self-guidance in and around the work and products offered. All activities/practices are invitational and optional.

Any use of pharmaceutical or alternative supplements for depression, psychological/psychiatric conditions, severe and/or chronic illness must be noted and discussed with Celeseah & El’An’Dro directly before deposit payments/bookings are made.

We reserve the right to refuse admission to events/retreats if, on arrival, participation appears to be inappropriate (due to, but not limited to, gross misconduct or inaccurate information given during the application process); recreational drug/alcohol brought into the venue grounds; or if medical or psychiatric conditions are revealed that put yourself or others at risk. We also reserve the right to ask any participant to leave the venue if their behaviour is disruptive to the function of the event/retreat or interferes with the rights and well-being and relaxation of others.


All content presented in Mission of Love, Celeseah’s & El’An’Dro’s products, online content, live events/retreats and 1-1 session work is for information purposes only. It is not intended as medical advice or to diagnose and treat any disease or serious health condition. I am not a doctor or a trained nutritionalist/psychologist and I advise you strongly to consult with those properly trained in these field if applicable. Self Responsibility is needed when working with self-enquiry, transformational practices, personal & spiritual development, so we respect you as responsible adult readers and attendees in the use of any and all the information contained.


© 2004 + beyond by Celeseah & Mission of Love. All rights reserved. The whole or any portion of the material included in Mission of Love/Celeseah’s & El’An’Dro’s products, online content, live events/retreats and 1-1 session work is strictly not to be reproduced or shared in any way without our written permission. This includes all content of downloadable PDFs, MP3s and accompanying video products.