What is the Mission of Love?

The Mission of Love Project is the Creation of Celeseah Djhulia Kumara, a Visionary and Channel of Divine Wisdom & Healing who believes that as Divine Children of the Universe it is Our Birthright to Play Once again in the Garden of Eden, here on Earth, To Live in Love Peace & Eternal Bliss. It started with Celeseah’s Vision in 2004 of a Humanitarian Project based upon Conscious Relationship Cultivating a Compassionate Conscious Lifestyle, Creating Off Grid Eco – Friendly Healing Sanctuaries & Communities of Love, Peace and Harmony with All Of Creation.

It was born out of Celeseah’s passion and devotion to Self Mastery, Sovereignty, Empowerment, Spiritual Alignment and Harmony with Nature.

We are perhaps best known for organising the 1st Northern UK Authentic Tantra Yoga Festival in 2014, now known as Mission of Love ~ Authentic Tantra Yoga Celebration.

We run an Alternative/Holistic Health & Wellbeing Programme and create and host events and training all over the UK & Internationally. Our Programme focuses around the teaching and practise of Ascension, Self Mastery, Evolving Consciousness, Conscious Relationship, Conscious Lifestyle and Mindfulness, Authentic Tantra Yoga and Holistic & Esoteric Healing Arts. We can be seen supporting other events within the global conscious community as facilitators, therapists, participants and volunteers.


The Mission of Love ~ Northern Tantra Celebration now in its 5th Year, started as a pilot project in 2014 this Annual Event is to Raise Awareness, Demystify, Educate and Maintain the Integrity of Authentic Tantra Yoga Wisdom as a Path to Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment, which is the Foundation from which Consciousness and Conscious Relating Liberates Us to Create a Sovereign Empowered Fulfilling Life.

We have supported Northern UK & Scottish Tantra Teachers and Therapists to Share Their Wisdom with the Local and Extended Global Community and bring energy and contribution to Northern England and Scotland, by using local non-profit making venues. The Event provides a safe and professional container to experience Conscious Living as a community within Tantric Philosophy and Conscious Relating Embracing Sacred Sexuality.

We aim to create a compassionate environment in which all conditions are perfectly conducive to spiritual practice and in which to gain Enlightenment.

Every Year The Northern Tantra Yoga Celebration adopts a theme.

In November 2017 we Celebrated ‘Keys to Eden’ (Creating Heaven on Earth)

Details of Our 2018 Annual Northern Tantra Celebration Event will be announced in due course.

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